Birthday Wishes

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Balloons and cake are awesome but what if, this year, we choose a gift that helps them detox from the things that no longer serve them, and set intentions of their next trip around the sun. Choose the only gift that's full of evidence-based self-care support alongside cozy (and tasty!) items that leave the birthday babe feeling encouraged and equipped to care for their mind, body and spirit, at their birthday and beyond.

hat's Insid

  • "Happy Birthday" Metal Wine Tumblr from Sweet Water Decor
  • Hammond's Birthday Cake Popcorn
  • Deep Detox Raw Juice Mask by ESW Beauty
  • Soothing DeTox Tea by Yogi Tea
  • "Birthday Wish" Sparklers from TOPS Malibu

elf-Care esurce Card

Every Soul Care Sunday package includes a resource card that helps you grow peace and resilience by using the gifts inside to care for your mind, body, and spirit. The resource card links you to our online library of wellness resources as well as free crisis resources for moments you may need more support.