Here's What Happened.

With a 14-hour warning, I was deployed to lead the first military medical team in California's response to COVID-19 in March 2020. As you can imagine, during that mission I became sharply aware of my need for tools and resources that would support my mental health and overall well-being. Following my deployment, the stressors of daily life confirmed that the demand for self-care resources and rhythms wouldn't be going away (Shocking, I'm sure 😉). While I started gathering new strategies and stories by reading academic articles or scrolling TikTok, I couldn't shake the desire to meet others in their worst days, wrap them in support, and connect them to resources and rhythms that could support them in living a balanced and healthy life. So one short year after returning home, Soul Care Sunday was borne.

  • We can agree there's not a soul in our world who couldn't use some support. At Soul Care Sunday, your peace is our purpose™. We value kindness, balance, resilience, gratitude, excellence, and generosity. This means every package, every newsletter, and every moment spent researching new products and resources is marked with love and light.

Yur eac is O pose

Our hope is to see you become healthier, balanced, and filled with compassion for yourself and others because we believe that as each one of us grows peace and resilience, we increase the opportunity for that to overflow into the souls around us - creating a more peaceful and balanced world. Here in the online shop you'll find ready-to-ship mindful gift boxes, the opportunity to build your own gift box, and The Market, where you can purchase our gifts individually.

A gift from Soul Care Sunday is always carefully sourced, thoughtfully bundled, and delivered with resource cards that guide recipients through using each item to support their well-being. I'm so honored to connect with you here. In case we haven't met yet *insert hug here* I'm Liv. I am a military and NICU nurse, an encourager, and someone who lives with anxiety and PTSD. When I'm not snuggling NICU babies or carefully packing your orders, you'll find me walking on the beach with an iced coffee.

I am deeply grateful for cozy days at home, cultivating peace through cleaning and organization, and the opportunity to connect with you here to share the resources and rhythms that help me live balanced and healthy. Please pour your favorite comfort drink and stroll through the Wellness Resources I've gathered for you here. Looking for support for something specific? Have a question about a resource or product? Need a listening ear? My inbox is always open. But a response may take 2-4 business days because boundaries, ya know?

  • Kindness, balance, resilience, gratitude, excellence, and generosity are at the core of all we do here.

  • It will say "do the next right thing" because that phrase has carried me through some dark moments, IYKYK.

  • I have celiac disease (I'm 100% gluten-free) but don't worry they make GF Double Stuf Oreos and Kraft Mac n' Cheese now.

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