3 Things to Expect from the Soul Care Sunday Blog (+ YouTube Channel)

3 Things to Expect from the Soul Care Sunday Blog (+ YouTube Channel)

Here in the Soul Care Sunday Blog (and the soon-to-be YouTube channel! 🎉) I'll be sharing strategies and stories that will inspire and equip you to take really great care of yourself.

A lil background in case you're new here (hi, welcome) -- The mission of Soul Care Sunday is to help humans grow peace and resilience by connecting them to resources that nourish your mind, body, and spirit. We do that through the items sold in our online shop, and through digital spaces like this blog, our email newsletter, social media accounts and SOON...🥁 a YouTube channel!

This is a safe space for big feelings and big boundaries. For getting things wrong the first time (and maybe the second and third times, too) while we're learning how to take really great care of ourselves and healing the hurts and trauma we've experienced. It's a space for being fiercely kind to each other and, most importantly, to ourselves.

I'm so honored that you're sharing your time and energy with me in this lil corner of the universe. Now (finally, right?) here's three things to expect from me here.


  1. Vulnerability. I believe that vulnerability breeds community, and community is essential for our wellbeing. If I paste on my "never been traumatized and DEFINITELY knows how to do her make-up well" face every day before showing up here, no one benefits. I hope that by holding space for my big feelings and experiences, I give permission for you to do the same, as it feels safe for you.

  2. Imperfection. Despite my best effort over the past 26 years, I just can't seem to achieve perfection. I'm learning that we're not designed for perfection and the things that we see as our weaknesses and downfalls may actually be the strongest parts of us after all (wild, I know)

  3. Boundaries. You and I, we're human; humans who serve our people in a bunch of really important roles! (see my "About Me" for deets) The only way any of us can make it in this silly lil world we live in is with strong coffee and even stronger boundaries. (yes, I'm putting that on a coffee mug, chill) So while I do commit to consistently bringing you my best, I believe our best looks different every day and I will also be setting boundaries (and being a lil flakey if needed) to protect my peace.


All that said, this space will be ever-evolving (just like each of us). I'm honored you're here and I hope you'll stick around -- we are just getting started.


With gratitude,