Yur eac is O pose

Our hope is to see you become healthier, more balanced, and filled with compassion for yourself and others because we believe that as each one of us grows peace and resilience, these overflow into the souls around us - creating a peaceful, resilient, balanced world.

  • Build a Custom Gift Box, shop our curated Ready to Ship collection, or purchase self-care items individually in The Market .

  • Your order is thoughtfully packaged and shipped quickly. Custom gift boxes can be shipped on a specific date. We only ship gifts to the USA.

  • All orders arrive with resource cards that teach how to use each item for your well-being and link to crisis resources and our online library of Wellness Resources.

ey Lv, I' Li

I help humans grow peace and resilience by connecting them to resources that nourish their mind, body, and spirit.

I'm a nurse, an encourager, and someone who lives with anxiety and PTSD. When I'm not snuggling NICU babies or carefully packing your orders, you'll find me walking on the beach with an iced coffee.

I am deeply grateful for cozy days at home, cultivating peace through cleaning and organization, and the opportunity to connect with you here online, sharing the resources and rhythms that help me live a balanced and healthy life.

  • "What could be improved? Maybe add some tissues. I am so overwhelmed with love. This is such an amazing gift when I need it most!!"

    -Helen, on the Grief Relief box

  • "The products all put a smile on my face. The personalised mug and the neck warmer were my favourite...I can’t wait to use the rest! I also loved reading the checklist."

    -Louisa, on the Winter Soul Care Box

  • "It’s the perfect gift. I absolutely love the ‘today for my soul’ card! The quality of the items is exemplary."

    -Laura, on the Winter Soul Care Box

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